Great Britain

Why should I go abroad to study English?

If you go to an English-speaking country, your English should improve more quickly.

You can practice your English when you are not in classes, as you will have many opportunities to hear, read and speak English in everyday life.

When living abroad you can meet new people, experience new cultures, see new sights, and become more independent.

Travelling abroad gives you the chance to develop new interests and friendships.


Some of the features of the UK

Note that there are good and bad sides to each characteristic, and there are many exceptions to these stereotypes.

  • Diversity - There is a wide mix of cultures in the UK. In London there are foreign communities from most parts of the world.
  • Tolerance - British people are usually tolerant to foreigners, and respect the freedom to have different opinions and beliefs.
  • Freedom - People usually feel free to express their own opinions and wear what they want. Don't expect people to agree with you all of the time.
  • Humour - British people have a strong sense of humour, but it can be hard for foreigners to understand when someone is joking.
  • Cautiousness - People often avoid talking to strangers until they have been introduced, partly to avoid any possible embarrassment.
  • Creativity - Individual ideas are encouraged. Arts and music are creative. British people are often not so good at working as a group.
  • Modesty - People are quite modest. They do not like to complain directly: life is peaceful, but when there is poor service it is not challenged and changed.